Friday, January 08, 2010

It's 16 Degrees in Fort Worth; I'm dreaming illogical dreams

Pretty sure it's been this cold in my lifetime, but can't remember it happening since about 1984. In my memory, it last happened the year Notre Dame's Joe Montana stole a Cotton Bowl victory from a frozen Houston Cougars defense. It was, maybe, the year my Aunt Jane got married in Little Rock, and I drove us back to Fort Worth over freezing bridges, following Cousin Bob at decently large highway speed. The speed was helping us beat the storm into Fort Worth, yet the speed also imperiled us across the bridges. I was about 24 years old, with car full of people, and was skating across bridges behind Bob, and believe me I was highly focused on gently coaxing the car to stay on the pavement. I was really REALLY happy to pull that car into a driveway. Whew. Anyway, it's been a long time since it's been this cold - since last century/millennium, ye young whippersnapper.

Here's a photo which might be from that year. This is either Aunt Jane and Jerry's wedding, or Cousin Joe and Lynn's wedding.

L to R: Jenny, Brooke, Nancy Beth; front row L to R: me, Southern Brother, Bro64. Southern Brother is either having an allergy attack, or he's sampled ample champagne. Southern Brother was way more fun before he was way more Baptist!

Looking, above, at Cousin Nancy's coquettish pose: we should have known she would some day end up like this (below, with Coors Light in hand)

And like this:

And, inevitably, like this. That's Nancy, Brooke, Jenny, and little Blake, who is somewhere deep under the sheet, and growing impatient with his circumstances.

Illogical dreams (are there any other kind?)

I dreamed there came a great rain in Fort Worth, and all the brightly colored Japanese Carp [Ack! Not carp. Koi] Koi. in the Botanical Gardens flooded out of the Gardens and into the city. Orange carp koi everywhere. Weird. And there were a dozen or more Komodo Dragons amongst the carp koi in the flooded city. And I hauled buns, b/c I'm scared of Komodo Dragons. You need a big stick to poke Komodo Dragons away from you. There aren't many big sticks readily available in a city. Plus: what if I was attacked by more than one dragon? Better to haul buns to safety ... of a public restroom in a big building. Ahh. No dragons in here.

In another scene, twenty people or so were hanging out in the back yard at Dirk Nowitski's house. Hugh Hefner's TV star girlfriends showed up (this part of the dream is my pennance for channel surfing the E Entertainment channel). Kendra was flirting with this Italian guy. Then Dirk Nowitski cheated on his girlfriend. Dirk and a friend (Jason Terry?), kept a shark and a couple of other fish types as pets. The fish and shark could wiggle along the tile floors of Dirk Nowitski's house, going from room to room and hanging out with Dirk and his friends. The shark had a steel thing inserted into its mouth which prevented it from biting people. Then there was a big gathering of people - like a 4th of July gathering - in a public park, and Dirk tossed me several pieces of spearmint gum.

End of dream recollection. The odd thing about this dream - well, the various fish in the dream are odd, but, also: I'm none too impressed with celebrity. I don't actually want to hang out with either Dirk Nowitski or the Hugh Hefner girls. Sombrero Nancy is more fun than any celebrity.



The Binghams said...

Oh Sombrero Nancy... where have you been? She doesn't come out much since Blake came around :)

gcotharn said...

I like non Sombrero Nancy even better.

Donna B. said...

The spearment gum thing is really weird.

My oldest was going to get married at the Botanical Gardens, but they had too many rules and wanted too much money, so we opted for Joe T's.

The twin ring bearers escaped during the ceremony and played in the fountain. Imagine if they'd escaped at the botanical gardens and gone swimming with the carp!

gcotharn said...

LOL. When you next come to Fort Worth, you and your husband must look me up. We'll lunch at Joe T's, or Angelo's, or wherever you desire.

emjay said...

You MUST stop eating those strange mushrooms!

Anonymous said...

I scoff in a Canadian manner at what you consider cold. Pansy! :P

gcotharn said...

Yes, regular mushrooms are needed.

Hi Dewey! Yes, I am a pansy about cold weather. Guilty.