Saturday, January 23, 2010

Re SCOTUS Citizen's United free speech decision

Much of the left is arguing that the right does not truly believe this is a free speech issue. They argue that the right - including 5 SCOTUS Justices - are using Citizen's United as a disingenuous method of empowering corporations, and, resultingly, the Repub Party.

Matt Welch at Reason Magazine notes that the left persons who are making this accusation are also refusing to debate the free speech issue. In other words, the left persons who allege disingenuous tactics automatically consider the entire matter closed; the free speech issue won by default.

This is a type of straw man. The left sets up a straw man: the right is disingenuous! The left knocks over the straw man: we declare we are correct that the right is disingenuous! The left fallaciously declares victory on the free speech issue: b/c we are correct about disingenuous, the free speech issue is automatically decided in our favor! No need to actually debate the merits of the free speech issue. Rather: automatically decided; the left wins.

For the most part, it's useless to debate left persons about something like this. They are not truly interested in freedoms; not truly interested in free speech; not truly interested in principles. They are interested in power. If limiting corporate speech helps the left increase their power, then they are for it. They are actually making a ruthless power calculation which is not very different from stealing another person's lunch money just b/c you can.



Bob said...

I think you are right.

gcotharn said...

Good. Sometimes, I wonder if my reasoning is alone in a private wilderness of Greg's wackadoodle thinking, and I'm glad to find that any fellow human being can follow my thought process!