Monday, January 11, 2010

Political Correctness is a bigger threat than Harry Reid's potential racism

We can't know if Harry Reid is racist unless he clearly indicates he is racist. Otherwise, we can't know his heart. And it doesn't matter, anyway. Only Harry Reid's actions matter. Speculations about the shadings of Harry Reid's private opinions are a useless waste of time and energy.

I don't like seeing conservatives parroting PC foolishness. Played out to it's full logic, if a politically correct person were to attack Harry Reid, it would look like this:
Harry Reid ought anticipate that a significant number of African Americans would interpret his comments in a way which leads to their being offended. It was insensitive of Harry Reid to make comments which could easily be interpreted in a way which would cause psychic or emotional pain. A competent and sensitive adult would only make comments on this subject via using PC approved terminology and opinion. B/c he failed to use the terminology we demand, b/c he failed to espouse the opinion we demand, therefore Reid is insensitive, offensive, incompetent, and probably ought resign.

This PC argument, currently referenced re Reid by various conservatives and progressives, has its roots in a Frankfurt School communist strategy to destroy capitalism via destroying American culture and society. Here's an overview of that:

By the mid 20th century, it was obvious communism was an economic failure and capitalism a success. The Marxist goal shifted to a limited nihilistic desire: destroy capitalism. The problem: how? The workers of the world were not going to unite.

From the 1920s into the 1950s, the Frankfurt School think tankers wrestled with the question: who would lead the revolution which would destroy capitalism? They eventually came up with a brilliant answer: the dispossessed, i.e. those who had a grievance, be it racial, gender, sexual identity, economic, et al. These grievances would constitute a tactic: attack the foundations of the society which nurtured capitalist economic success. The strategy: bring down the society, and thus bring down capitalism. From there, the smart people at the top - such as the brilliant Frankfurt School think tankers - would figure out some system of government for the good of the people. The key thing was to destroy the damnable capitalism. The grievance industry, led by the dispossessed, would attack society's foundations and lead the revolution.

And, to some degree, the Frankfurt School plan is working. To some degree, PC has succeeded in sickening and weakening the foundations of American society.

Video: Free Congress Foundation's The History of Political Correctness

There's a lot going on in the nation right now, and there's a lot going on in Congress. Why is anyone trying to divine the unknowable, i.e. the inner shadings of Harry Reid's mind and racial opinions? Here's why: we somehow think it important that some number of Americans will interpret in a way which leads to their being offended, and to their suffering psychic or emotional pain. If foolish Americans jump to conclusions which cause them psychic pain: thats their problem. The solution, for them, lies in improving their own reasoning and philosophy and spirituality. For the rest of the nation, the only things that matter are Harry Reid's actions.

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Webutante said...

I didn't know all that, Greg. The best way I know to destroy anything is to put it in a straight jacket and bind it so that it can no longer live and breath and move in a normal fashion I'm no fan of Reid, in fact I think he's despicable. However, I won't condemn him for this.

gcotharn said...

I've added a link to a brilliant video - the equivalent of an entire semester of study condensed into one dense video. It explains the history of political correctness, and shows that much of our cultural attitudes (the sexual revolution, the breakdown of "repressive" American values, the rise of "critical theory" - such as critical race theory, et al - in the academies) are descended from Marxists who were trying to destroy capitalism.