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Friday Hot: the Women of Curling

Updated: from Bro64

No discussion of the women of curling is complete without the USA's own Debbie McCormick. She hails from Rio, Wisconsin, just north of Madison. She is 36 years old, a two time Olympian in 1998 and 2002, and is expected to skip one of the USA teams next month in Vancouver.

From Debbie's bio page on the USA curling website:
What I'd like the world to know about curling:

"That curling is a very physically and mentally challenging sport; it requires total team effort to be successful. I wish that everyone could have a chance to play this sport. I think they would be surprised to find out how challenging and fun it really is."

See Update II at bottom of post, about Nicole Joraanstad, who also lives in Madison, WI (the curling capital of the U.S.A.?).


Haiti is on everyone's mind. Yet, life demands celebration.

So, lets party, in a respectful yet celebratory way, with the women of curling!

Scrolled through many of the photos at Bob Cowan's curling site, which is mostly about Scottish curling - much of which happens on frozen lakes - except, apparently much of the curling world flows into and out of Scotland for events, so Bob also has photos of some of the best curlers in the world.

He has many posts with photos of hot chicks - except, maybe, in the photos, they are cold chicks. Here's one. Another. All photos on this page are by Bob Cowan. Thanks, Bob.

Highland Junior Winners

Irish curlers

LOOK at this scene! I would LOVE to be on this lake, on a team with my friends, and in some of that competition. I would give my very best effort. And I would love to quaff ... whatever they are quaffing.

I find that I just like women. Here follow five women - five completely different types of women - completely different looks, and I like them all. A lot. Each is very beautiful.

Linsey Spence.

Kerry Adams. Does she know how beautiful she is? Probably so, but maybe not. She would be an interesting subject for a painting.

Claire Hamilton: panther.
Candid shots, with the subject focused on a task, are so wonderful.

Barbara McFarlane: dignity, intelligence, beauty. Barbara McFarlane is very attractive to me because of who I imagine her to be: a person of taste; a person who appreciates life. If she turned out to be a gossipy airhead, or a small minded, bitter person, I would be so disappointed.

Nicole Joraanstad of the U.S.A. Go U.S.A.! How would you describe Ms. Joraanstad? Ethereal? Something about her reminds of The Princess Bride. And something about her reminds of a surfer girl who is wearing a necklace of shells. And something about her says: tough. You wouldn't want to race her, or to go against her in the business world.

Update II: Nicole Joraanstad is also from Madison, WI! Next time I'm in Madison, I want to visit the curling club and watch Nicole and Debbie in action. From Nicole's bio at U.S.A. Curling:
Training: "I curl every day, and have games twice a week. I play in tournaments at least two weekends a month, if not more."

Strengths in curling: "I think that my particular strength in curling is that I do really well under pressure, and I am really competitive. If you asked me to describe myself in one word, it would be competitive."

Other favorite sports: "I also like to play slow- and fast-pitch softball in the summer. And I recently took up the sport of golf. I have really found that to be a lot of fun."

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