Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My State of the Union lasts 1 minute

Barack begins by comparing the Union forces being turned back at Bull Run, and America's losses at Omaha Beach, to the Obama Administration losing the Health Care battle. He didn't explicitly cite health care, but that's what this little beginning was about.

That's it. I'm done. No more State of Union Speech for me. The television is off. I wonder if, despite all the horrifying difficulties Barack has been forced to overcome, our Union is strong? Guess I'll never know.

Maybe our Union is stronger than ever? I'll have to live with not knowing.

I wonder if it's Wall Street's fault? If the entire chamber will rise and applaud the assertion that it's Wall Street's fault. If the corrupt tax criminal Charlie Rangel will be shown on camera, madly applauding? Guess I'll never know whose fault it is. I do know whose fault it is not. Is the suspense killing you? Barack Obama. It's NOT Barack Obama's fault. I know that w/o even watching, b/c, well, some things you just know.

I wonder if the Stimulus/Porkulus succeeded in staving off the worst economic depression EVER? I'm pretty sure it did. I wonder if it saved over 300 million jobs? I'm pretty sure it did. I wonder if Barack feels the pain of the unemployed? I'm pretty sure he does. I'm pretty sure he will save them. I'm pretty sure Barack is all about jobs. I'm pretty sure he even feels like Job, except tougher and braver, and with greater faith in ... um ... Marxism wait Black Liberation Theology no fixing America's image in the world not getting Muslim terrorists to love us didn't work ... um ... am pretty sure Barack's faith in, um, Eric Holder - yes! - am pretty sure Barack's faith in Eric Holder exceeds Job's faith in God. So, anyway, Barack feels like Job(s).

Am pretty sure some straw men ("there are those who say....") will be propped up and toppled over tonight. Will be tough on straw men.

Am pretty sure Barack will be so perfectly clear that he will warn us: "Let me be perfectly clear."

Update: Bobby Flay is BBQing chicken on the Food Network. Tasty.



MeeMaw Karen said...

I had to tape the speech b/c it was not permitted to be aired in my house. Toooo much ranting, screaming and 'cussing from the 2 men in the house. I watched it today - just me and the dog. What a POTUS dork. p.s. define dork?

gcotharn said...

You had to tape the speech? LOL. I stand in testosterone solidarity with the denizens of your house.

Dork? I use it to mean: inept, uncoordinated. In addition, the dictionary mentions: nerd, or jerk, or slang for dick. Dictionary doesn't know the genesis of the term, but speculates it may have been the phallic slang.