Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Hotness: Julie Newmar

"Sex Education #126"

From a distance, Julie Newmar has always seemed a decent gal - if in a quirky, artistic, melodramatic, I'm a diva who requires massive amounts of fawning attention kind of way. You sense that you couldn't really live with her for life - or maybe even for a month - yet she seems to have a streak of loving decency, and seems as if she would be really fun company for dinner. And that is not nothing: I appreciate and value that.

Now 75 years old, Wikipedia says she has been: "...pianist, dancer, actress, mother and real estate entrepreneur. Newmar is currently working on 3 books." Her only child, a son, has Down Syndrome. She's an enthusiastic gardener. Mr. Miyagi was her batting instructor.

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