Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ranty Barack Rant #101

Updated, at bottom, with photos.
I almost can't look at Barack without thinking he is demonstrating exactly what I do not want in a POTUS.

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Look at the way Barack is holding his beer. C'mon Barack! Thats not the way a man holds a beer! Fer cryin out loud, man: even your shirtsleeves look effete - you could get beat up in some bars for your shirtsleeves alone. The only thing you got going for you, your only hope of getting out of some bars alive, is that you kinda need a shave. That's your best hope. I would start for the door immediately. A speedy exit is your friend. On the way out, if confronted, DON'T try to negotiate. You fail to understand: there are people in this world who do not negotiate. Also, don't, under any circumstances, even utter the word "preconditions". That might get you beaten up AND left in a ditch outside of town.

Even Barack's facial expression looks like a child who is trying to get away with something. Is this a guy who has never sat at a bar and downed a beer? Who has never sat at a bar which didn't have ferns?

And what's with the glass?

A beer looks like this =====>

or like any of these on this page - just scroll down. What does that glass hold? 6 ounces? 7 ounces? We men are exactly stupid enough that we expect each other to drink a proper amount of beer. That can be one beer. But it cannot be 6 ounces. They gave Barack the girl glass - they knew their customer. It's a champagne flute. For lesbians. Man rules can seem stupid, but they are THE RULES! Follow em, or suffer the consequences.

Barack is an embarrassment to manhood. Lately, when I see a photo or video of him, I usually see something revealing - and not in a flattering way.


Teleprompter of the United States, aka TOTUS, set up in a schoolroom during a statement to assembled media.

TOTUS deployed to help POTUS speak to his own staff inside the White House. Including staff aides who are standing out of camera range: there are a reported 20 to 25 persons in the room.


Webutante said...

TOTUS---very, very funny Greg!

gcotharn said...

It is funny, isn't it! But I stole it, from this blog:

Barack Obama's Teleprompters Blog
Because there is no POTUS without TOTUS