Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hannah Giles at Scott Brown Election Celebration

photo by Ace of Spades

The camera loves this girl. Even an out of focus cell phone camera loves this girl. I've seen twenty photos of this girl, and the camera loves her every time.


Though her eyes are cutting to the side in this photo: both here and elsewhere, she tends to look directly at the camera with openness, i.e. without coquettishness or posing or posturing. She has an inner self-confidence which communicates:
I know I am beautiful, and therefore I know I do not have to pose: my God given beauty is enough. I don't have to put on airs or fake anything. I will look straight at your camera as you yell at me from across this room. We will connect with our eyes (I'm willing to make a human connection with you), and I will smile, and that will be enough.
This is very attractive. It's unusual in one so young. Perhaps Hannah's Christian faith plays a large part in her self-possessed and easy confidence. Hannah Giles is attractive b/c she communicates unspoken things - you can decide for yourself exactly what - and she communicates them easily and naturally. This is a simple, small thing - except it's also a very big thing. It's almost everything.

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