Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Bro64 Thanksgiving

from Bro64 (edited):
Spent the entire day cooking, and were close to sitting down, when K wandered into the kitchen to complain to Kris that her eye was itching. Kris was so in the zone of cooking during the mad dash before serving Thanksgiving that she reached into the freezer for the first thing available, and it turned out to be a frozen Reece's Peanut Butter cup. K put it on her "itchy" eye. K came wandering into the family room with a Reece's on her eye, but I was so focused on the Cowboy game that it meant little to me; I've seen odder things in our house. As soon as the game ended we got the table all set, the wine opened, the candles lit, and went to sit down.

When K took the Reece's off her eye we were horrified to see that it was swollen half shut; she looked like the loser of a 15 round boxing match. We abandoned dinner to flush her eye with warm water and call Urgent Care. We were very close to driving her to the Emergency Room, until the on-call doctor decided that it was likely just a reaction to some irritant that got in her eye. K has had these Princess and the Pea reactions before to very minor things, so we got comfort that we didn't have to rush her in. We gave her a Benadryl and sat down to a cold Thanksgiving meal a half hour later; her eye was fine the next morning. Some people wish they lived with a maid, or a nanny, or a chef, or a masseuse in their house. I wish we lived with a paramedic.

Tonight before basketball practice I was having a timeout with K because she had reportedly hit neighborhood kids J and T when they would not leave her room this afternoon. I asked K if she hit them. Her answer:
"Dad, I didn't 'hit' them. I was pointing at the door and telling them to leave my room and I poked them, and it wasn't even a hard poke. Well, maybe it wasn't a small poke, but it was definitely no more than a medium poke. It was a medium poke, Dad, not a hit, and they should be okay with just a medium poke."

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