Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Hot: LSU student Cindy LeBlanc

As long as South Louisiana girls take quick study breaks to zip out to deer stands and kill 8 point bucks: America will be okay. God bless Cajun country. The story of Cindy's trophy.

South Louisiana is like it's own country with it's own separate and individual style of culture and it's own cussed independent streak. There are no mountains in Louisiana, but there are deer in the woods, fish in the bayous, and trucks and boats gassed up and ready to go.

You look at Cindy (and her beautiful ring), and you can make some educated guesses: she's going to have kids; her kids are not going to be wimps; her kids are actually going to take showers, and are never going to be arrested while protesting and destroying property outside a WTO meeting. Do you think Cindy LeBlanc is worried that a Navy Seal is (probably falsely) alleged to have punched a terrorist during a capture/transport? Do you think Cindy LeBlanc believes American apologies to the world constitute good foreign policy strategy? Do you think Cindy LeBlanc buys into Copenhagen/AGW/Cap&Trade? I don't think so: I think Cindy LeBlanc knows manure when she smells it.

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