Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday Hot: 2010 German Farm Girl Calendar

Authentic 2010 German Farm Girl Calendar. You KNOW you're going to click. You have to: you're only human. No one can resist the premise.

Addendum: I just clicked and looked at this again. Compared to the luscious fecundity of German farm girls, fashion industry twig models look dried up, brittle, angry, and ill.



Grandma Karen said...

Typical male response. Oh! Has it already been 20 minutes? My how time flys! What does Maurice & Nancy think of your new 2010 calendar?

gcotharn said...

Merry Christmas, GRANDMA Karen, to you and your family! Love, from Fort Worth.

You know, your own luscious fecundity likely influenced my formative years - resulting in my current preference for German farm girls over fashion industry twigs. Thanks for that.

Grandma Karen said...

Hold that thought...searching for my Funk & Waganal.....fecundity? You know how to sweep a girl off her feet!
Sending our best wishes for a Merry Christmas to your family. Look for some pics....showing my proclifity for my fecundity - maybe.

Mark said...

ich will nach Deutschland umziehen.