Monday, December 14, 2009

Kate Miller-Heidke, Facebook Song

Language warning: this song doesn't hit the f word for a mere single, but rather takes it all the way for an inside the park home run while running through stop signs at every base. So, FEEL FREE to not watch this song.

OTOH, if the f word doesn't ruin your day, this could be mildly entertaining.

h/t @TheBloggess - she is my go-to tweeter for usage of the f word.

I love to use profanity. And I don't use profanity. Much. Or, at least, not too much. And, watching this, I feel a desire to cut loose with some @#$%^&*!!! I usually cut loose on the golf course. There, out with the guys, I take a several hour holiday from language virtue, and spill @#$%%^&&**~!!!! to my heart's desire. I get it out of my system, and then go about normal life. And the problem is, maybe: I haven't been on a golf course in forEVER, and have been generally hanging out with people who are far too virtuous. I'm getting kind of pent up. I really, really ENJOY being unvirtuous. Relish it.

While walking the dog, I've been taking an 8 iron and typically hitting 6 to 10 golf shots during the walk. It's a nice way to walk. I look forward to clipping a few shots off. When walking, I never use profanity if I hit a bad shot - never even think about it, actually. My subconscious rule is: profanity on the golf course. Off an official golf course: nah. Just focus on where the errant shot went, so I can find it. Next errant shot, maybe I'll pretend I'm on a golf course and cut loose. In honor of Facebook.



emjay said...

The use of profanity just shows a lack of education and/or intelligence. Do you not know any other adjectives or adverbs? I do hope only your vocabulary is limited.

gcotharn said...

Am limited in MANY ways - including education AND intelligence AND wisdom. I do enjoy saying a non profane epithet taught me by Sis-in-Law: "Alaska!" - which she took from a Sarah Palin spoof video. When spoof Sarah Palin's cell phone interrupted her, spoof Sarah exclaimed: "Alaska!" Sometimes, if I need to add emphasis, I will go with "Alaska and Nebraska!". This is sort of in honor of Sis in Law, as both her parents are from Nebraska.