Friday, December 18, 2009

Old notes from a forgotten movie about addiction

Addicts use their addiction to numb and control pain.

If you write about the pain; if you look at it head on; you will eventually learn:
pain can't kill you; addiction can.

Love is a word you need to relearn sober.

Me is a word you need to relearn sober.

No is a word you need to relearn sober.

Relearn yourself sober.

Who are you sober?

What do you look like sober?

Learn it. Show it. Show yourself.

The addict inside you is in a fight to the death ... with a fragile, scared, healthy person who is trying to be heard.

For the healthy person to live, the addict must die.

You have to believe in something bgger than your doubts: a higher power.

Where do your thoughts come from? Why do you choose forgiveness, courage, et al?

What about the things I can't forgive ever?
Best solution: forgive yourself for not being able to forgive yourself.

Words allow us to feel. Tether us to truth. I learned "no". "No" means I exist.

We can't rewrite our histories, but we can learn the truth about them.

An addict is always an addict. The only thing that changes is recovery. It's a new world, and I have to learn it every day.

You've spent life desperate for love, but not knowing where to find it. Now you are learning, one day at a time.


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