Sunday, December 06, 2009

Dare you to watch this without smiling

from Providence St. Vincent Medical Center, in Portland, Oregon

Do Hospital personnel become weary of routine? A slight change in glove color has a dramatic effect.

The dancers are fab. Some personnel are infrequent dancers, yet willing to dance as part of the team: at 1:02, woman at back of the line on right; at 2:48, woman on right. Way to go, ladies.

3:12 (Indian?) woman on left, in brown blouse. She, maybe, has not done a lot of western style dancing, but by golly she wants to! She is SO READY to dance. Love her.

3:18 woman on left, in blue: dancing is serious business! Love her, also. Whatever she does in life, she gives it her best and most focused effort. Inspiring.

This video is FILLED with sexy and alluring women - they are out of their routine, they are being genuine and human, and it is attractive. However, for fun, I unleash manly instinct and point to a few specifics. I enjoy making instant guesses about people.

1:28 woman who is 4th in line - you can barely see her at 1:38. Manly instinct: I want to see more of her.

2:46 You may or may not find ample bodies attractive. Yet, stop the video and take a second look at this dancer. You don't even need instinct to see that this is a sexy woman. You only need to be open minded enough to notice her. Lots of men like ample bodies and would love her. She knows it, too. Her confidence with her body is part of her allure.

2:50 on right, for the barest moment, swinging an imaginary rope over her head. You actually have to stop the video to really see her. Manly instinct: ahhh, yes. We only have to notice her. A lifetime of studying women tells me this is a sexy girl. Actually, the woman dancing with her - for the right age and right type of man - is also a sexy girl. The companion dancer is obviously a good sport and a fun person.

There are sexy persons all over this video, if we wish to see them.

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