Monday, December 07, 2009

Miss Barbados 2009 - Leah Marville

It's cold, gray, raining, with chilling wind.

Time for Miss World Barbados 2009!

Have put up photo or video of beautiful women on four consecutive days:

1. Tammy Roy,
2. Lina Romay,
2A. Carly Fiorina,
3. St. Vincent's Portland,
3A. Sarah Palin, &
4. Leah Marville.

Winter weather blogging! Like steaming hot soup on a bitter cold day, like a snow capped Colorado peak in July: it hits the spot.

Had Grantland Rice had access to Leah Marville, the "Four Horsemen of Notre Dame" never would have ridden. The game story would have read:
Surrounded by a cold gray November sky, watching hapless Michigan be gashed by Notre Dame, my computer screen and my thoughts turn to the fetching Miss Barbados: Leah Marville.

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