Thursday, December 03, 2009

Viva Honduras!

Not only did Honduras conduct a successful Presidential election on Sunday (electing the conservative candidate with 58% of the vote), but, yesterday, the Honduran Parliament voted 65-8 98-12 111-14 to refuse to allow Mel Zelaya to serve out the last two months of the current Presidential term.

Fabulous. The Honduran Senate stuck a finger in the eye of an Obama Administration which - as recently as Monday - publicly insisted that Zelaya must be returned to office, and publicly termed his removal a "coup". Horse manure! Viva Honduras!

Honduras is a stubborn democratic outpost which is surrounded by dictatorships and communists. It makes perfect sense, in Bizarro World, for President Obama to bully a stubborn democratic outpost which - with very little in resources - is threatened by Chavez, Castro, Noriega, and Barack Obama. Where else does it make perfect sense for Barack Obama to bully Honduras? Answer: in a world in which Barack Obama loves socialism and has a sentimental attachment to communism, i.e. in a world in which Barack Obama neither understands nor respects democracy; neither understands nor respects a dogged and stubborn democratic nation. Barack is a fool for not understanding the transcendence of freedom and democracy, and a knave for undermining a democratic outpost.

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