Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Merry Christmas Post

Either 2004 or 2005: Lisa, with Mom and Dad, in the kitchen in Denham Springs at Weeping Willow.

I miss Lisa. Christmas is a good time to hug your loved ones. Or, you know: gaily mess with their wheelchair. Whichever. They are sure to love it.

These days, there's a lot less of Mom and Dad to hug. Both have lost significant weight since this photo. Dad is very proud of it - ask him about losing weight and he will love you forever. Mom is 5'7", and for 3 years has been just under 120 pounds. It does seem a healthy 120 pounds. She and Dad exercise three times a week.

Seeing Weeping Willow reminds of the house Bruce and Lisa moved into on Chateau Jon. From last year, photos of Chateau Jon in a rare, rare south Louisiana snowfall:

When they had been in this house about a month, and were still somewhat at loose ends - still trying to find what boxes held all their stuff: Mom and Dad and I visited for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, Bruce and Lisa's sewage pipe twice overflowed into their Master Bathroom. As you can imagine: relatives in the house, can't find your stuff, two separate sewage overflows: wasn't stressful at all. Christmas isn't stressful, at all! It's all the hugging, I think.

That year, Lisa had me searching for cloth Christmas napkins for what seemed like days. Bruce finally stumbled across them sitting in plain sight in a garage: they had been one of the first boxes moved - and in fact moved by me - two months previously.

Snowfall in the far south reminds of this, from last Friday: in Houston, five year old Hailey sees snow for, possibly, the second time in her life. She is not displeased.


Paul_In_Houston said...

From that Chronicle article...

After a record quarter of an inch of snow, Hailey's school called to say that they were closing immediately because of the treacherous conditions.


I honestly believe that the real reason for closing schools over such a small amount is to give the kids a chance to enjoy something they may not experience again until they're grown.

gcotharn said...

If that's the reason they closed the schools: it's a good reason!