Thursday, December 17, 2009

Maria McKee and Esmerelda Villa Lobos

Temporarily, at least, you can watch various movies on YouTube. I've watched Notorious, Wag the Dog, The Big Sleep, and Chariots of Fire.

A while back, I winged through a version of Pulp Fiction in which scenes were set in chronological order. Wanted to determine where Maria McKee's "If Love is a Red Dress" is heard in that film. The question had been stuck in my head. Answer: after the car crash, when Bruce Willis staggers down the street and stumbles into the pawn shop, the song is playing on the pawn shop radio.

On the way to figuring that out, skimmed through a bunch of the movie. I like the section of movie embedded below. The camera loves Esmerelda Villa Lobos. She rules the cab. This clip also has John Travolta, Uma Thurman, Ving Rhames, Bruce Willis, and Bruce Willis' girlfriend - Fabienne (Maria de Madeiros) - musing about pot bellies.

When we see the cab in the alley, at 1:00, is that a computer generated cartoon scene? When Bruce Willis jumps into the dumpster, at 1:26, is that a stunt man jumping in front of a blue screen? I suspect the lighting in the alley is an homage to Dick Tracy cartoons. The movie, after all, is "Pulp Fiction". Dick Tracy ruled the genre. When Esmerelda drives the cab, at 2:40, the scenery out the back window is pure Dick Tracy comic book.

Short bio of the actress who plays Esmerelda:

Angela Jones is an American actress. She was born and raised in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, a town southeast of Pittsburgh. She is a graduate of Point Park College in Pittsburgh.

Quentin Tarantino discovered her in the short film Curdled (1991), directed by Reb Braddock. Tarantino was impressed with her performance and cast her in both Pulp Fiction and a 1996 remake of Curdled.

In Saul Hudson's 2007 biography "Slash", it was mentioned that while recording the soundtrack for the film "Curdled", he had a huge crush on her and the two had a short lived relationship.


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