Monday, December 07, 2009

If AGW is real, then CRU scientists ought be shot
How even more deliciously ironic would it be if, in their lustful, Dr. Hendronsian self-aggrandizing rush to be the first to save the planet from the Neomalthusian horrors of free market economies, Phil Jones and Keith Briffa have stunted the world into inaction and indecision by disastrously overplaying their hand and, in the unlikely event that the Earth’s climate is in fact characterized by unchecked positive feedback systems, thus doomed the human race.

Can't remember who said this next, but it fits here:
If AGW is a fraud, CRU scientists ought be embarrassed.
If AGW is real, CRU scientists ought be shot.

The climate alarmists who are pooh poohing Climategate, who are defending CRU scientists, are caught inside an illogical knee jerk reaction. If AGW is real, then climate alarmists - above and beyond everyone else - ought be most eager to investigate CRU's deceptions; ought be most eager to work their and our way to true numbers which will surely validate the climate emergency they believe we are living in. Are climate alarmists eager to investigate and discover true numbers, i.e. numbers which will ostensibly validate the Earth's climate emergency and thus spur the peoples of the Earth to action?

They are not eager. Why?

My first guess: their virtuous self image is too closely tied to their advocacy of the CRU false numbers. They remain whacked upside the head by cognitive dissonance, and have not yet regained their logical faculties.

I have written, sloppily, of the left tying their own virtue and self esteem to their political beliefs.

Briefly: for the right, virtue is about, for instance, the Golden Rule. Virtue is about morality, ethics, and having the faith to walk the disciplined walk. Virtue is about action: virtuous action.

For the left, the Golden Rule is too judgmental, as are morality and ethics. The left desires neither faith nor discipline. But, buuuuut, the left desires virtue. Leftists want to be virtuous people. And they achieve it, in their way of thinking, by advocating virtuous beliefs. See?

A leftist thinks like this: I am pro gay marriage, and therefore I am virtuous. To the left person, being pro gay marriage is not merely having an opinion. It is bigger. It is a matter of virtue vs lack of virtue. Similarly, supporting CRU's numbers was not an opinion that CRU's numbers were accurate. It was bigger. I was a matter of virtue vs. lack of virtue.

Therefore, if advocating CRU's numbers amounted to virtuous action, and if CRU's numbers were fraudulent: where does that now leave a climate alarmist who spent a decade being virtuous because of his or her advocacy for CRU's numbers? THAT is the cognitive dissonance climate alarmists are now saddled with.

Eventually, climate alarmists will rationalize their way out of the problem via finding a fall person(s) at CRU, and that fall person will be excoriated in nasty, nasty fashion. But the lefties are not there yet. They are still in the cognitive dissonance stage of: Wha? What is happening? CRU numbers exist, and therefore I am virtuous. There is no other possibility. I am virtuous. CRU numbers are accurate. There is no other possibility. I feel woozy.


Paul_In_Houston said...

From my latest on this...

This is NOT just a scandal of a few purloined emails; it is the perversion of science to cold-bloodily create propaganda, to justify putting the government in complete totalitarian control of our industries, our economy, nearly every detail of how we live.
What's at the bottom of all this?

Pure naked power


gcotharn said...

Your singing my song.

gcotharn said...

Correction: you're.