Thursday, December 03, 2009

Barack Obama, criticism, and racial healing

I see, in past couple of weeks, massive criticism of a black man, yet no one shouting racism. This is a very, very good thing - for all of us, maybe especially for persons with black skin.

When a white person criticizes a black person: massively, vehemently, w/o holding anything back, w/o even a thought of holding anything back, with no hesitation whatsoever … this is racial healing. This is what black people in America have needed, even if many black persons did not know it. This is a casting aside of condescension. This is respect flowing from white persons to black persons. This is a very, very good thing, and I am so happy to see it.

I knew, when Barack was elected, that this day would come. As much as I detested his election, I just as much looked forward to this day. Even a few weeks ago, some major news outlets were speculating about whether or not criticism of the President was racially motivated. The President tamped down such sentiment during an appearance on Letterman. However, now, in the last two weeks, I see criticism which is not accompanied by charges of racism. Bravo, America.

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