Friday, December 04, 2009

Doesn't it perturb you

because it does me,
when you are at the park
and the dog is sniffing around
and you launch a couple of Titleists (w/taped up 8 iron)
into a field
which turns out to have too-high grass?

You search and search for the golf balls
and find them (you think)
and launch them again
and follow them
and launch them again
and follow them
and, whats this?

"Dunlap"?! Augh! How could I be so foolish?

You redirect your launches back towards where you figure the Titleist must be,
and search through the area.
Much searching.
Time to give it up - past time to give it up.

So, you launch golf balls around the park
until dark
as the dog sniffs on.
And he's eating something in the distance.
It's kind of disturbing that you don't know what he is eating,
b/c the other day he kind of choked up whitish clearish liquid
which choking didn't look unlike frothing at the mouth.
And rabies is never fun
in a dog which sleeps near your bed.
And you do allow him to dig and chase
in field and wood
after varmints.
And who knows what diseases they have? (shudder)

Are you a gigantic fool?
But, either way, that dog is getting shampooed tonight.

Wait, where were we?
Oh yes:
Now searching for the last 8 iron launches of the twilight.

It includes a duck hook which was hit out of a muddy lie and went way off-line and short to the left - near a creek which you intended to hit over but ended up hitting short of.
You see your duck hook in the darkening gloam,
except it's your lost Titleist!

Then you find your other Titleist, AND the Dunlap,
and probably 3 minutes later you couldn't have found a golf ball unless you stepped on it in the darkness.
Such fun.
Anyone can understand it.
Where IS that dog?

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