Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Friday Hot: Jessica Alba is as girl next door as it gets in Hollywood

She's only an actress, and thus automatically suspect of being a neurotic narcissist airhead. But, as Hollywood actresses go, Jessica Alba is about as decent of a human being as you could find.

Ago, I saw a reality show about a Hollywood contractor. One episode included visits to remodel a house which Alba was purchasing for her parents. The contractor couldn't believe how easy Jessica Alba was to work with. When it came time to make various decisions, Alba solicited input and then made up her mind. She did not agonize; she did not later waffle. Her parents showed up, and they were wonderful, and you could see why Jessica is not a prima donna.

Now, I don't think Jessica is a well rounded actress. However, for instance, neither was Lauren Bacall - at least in the beginning - yet she made some classic movies with Bogart. Alba could do the same. She needs to be used correctly, i.e. directors need to play to her strengths and avoid her weaknesses. Alba needs to play herself, sort of as John Wayne and Lauren Bacall (at least in the early days) often played themselves in their roles. Audiences will respond to Alba's inner decency.

Finally, and really the reason I initiated this: in the Kimmel appearance, what's up with that blouse?! I always say the following type things with humility - for, truly, I've huge chasms of ignorance re fashion - but: is Alba committing an obvious faux pas? Isn't that blouse obviously designed to be worn with a jacket which is buttoned very low, thus allowing Alba to show some of her abdomen inside the open "V" of the jacket's lapels?

Probably Jessica knows this, and is merely being daring and fashion forward. She is wearing cutting edge shoes which are right off of a Milan runway (and which she will look back on in 20 years and say: "What was I thinking with those shoes!"). The shoes argue for both daring fashionista and daredevil, as the spike heels look dangerous.

But, also, could be a faux pas! Lord knows I've committed a thousand faux pas - just never one which involved a blouse. Or, wait ... just never one which involved ME wearing a blouse!

The lovely (and fashion forward?) podiatric daredevil, Ms. Jessica Alba:

The End Zone likes Jessica Alba:

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Jani said...

what's up with that blouse? i really liked it :-)

gcotharn said...

A fashion forward commenter! Thanks for visiting.

Donna B. said...

That blouse was definitely not designed to be worn under a jacket. Who would go to all that trouble with the piecing, top-stitching, and decoration to just cover it up?

However, I didn't like it all that much. Sort of too detailed and hodge-podged together.

gcotharn said...

I'm glad you brought that up. I thought about that, yet am so clueless about fashion that I didn't know what to think. I thought: maybe s/o with a lot of money wants:
1) the VERY BEST blouse which could possibly be designed for going under a jacket, and hang the cost, and/or
2) a blouse which would be very sexy for your husband once you got home and the jacket came off.

However, the more I look at this, the more I am thinking you and Jani have the correct take: the blouse is designed to be seen in public, as opposed to being hidden under a jacket.

Anonymous said...

..and nobody said a word about her
louboutin item...and she tried so hard to bring attention to it off at the end of the interview!

gcotharn said...

Good catch. I had not noticed her shaking her foot around at the end of the interview. I have a lot of nervous energy sometimes, and am bad about tapping my foot, etc, and so I have empathy for her. In this instance, however much of her foot movement may be conscious (calculating) vs unconscious (nervous energy), she is sending an unmistakable body language message: "I love my shoes! Look at these awesome shoes!"