Monday, June 14, 2010

"We Con the World", hosted at Eyeblast

b/c YouTube took the video down, and b/c the video is exactly what is needed: hilarious spoofing. Laugh at the enemy. Humorously ridicule, w/o mercy. THAT, they cannot survive.

I don't respect YouTube: regardless of the validity of a complaint, YouTube takes videos down. Instapundit

Who takes aggressive advantage of YouTube's weakness? Answer: the left and the jihadists, i.e. groups which - in quest of power - are frequently willing to take unethical and immoral actions.
Wretchard: The left seeks power. The right seeks to mind it's own business. The right does not see the true left.

Stacy McCain notes PayPal is refusing to allow Pamela Gellar to use their service. They say she has a "hate site". Upon whose opinion is PayPal depending in order to make their determination about Gellar? CAIR, of course. You can't make this stuff up. Wretchard


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