Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Bro 64!


Bro 64 will be pleased if we today feature his daughter, aka Midwestern Niece.

<== Here she is, front left, with her 1st Grade soccer team.

Here she is, maybe in 2nd Grade, dangling during a school circus ==>

<== Here she is doing the breast stroke. She has won 3 ribbons in swimming events during this summer before she enters 3rd Grade.

During this missive: Bro 64's Classic Family Thanksgiving , Bro 64 relates Midwestern Niece's exasperation that boys would make a big deal out of receiving mere pokes from her fists of medium fury. Boys are wimps, for sure.



Bro 64 said...

This is the greatest post in the history of The End Zone.

gcotharn said...

It is. It is.

Anonymous said...

Fists of Medium Fury!

I love the Fair Warning element in that classificaiton

gcotharn said...

I'm glad you like "fists of medium fury". Fair warning LOL.