Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Desire and Logic; Buda, TX


Did you know Buddha is a separate entity from Budha? Until today, I did not know it. Buddha is the major figure which I formerly thought of as either Buddha or Budha. In actuality, Budha is a minor figure.

Must mention, again, my fervent wish that the next high school in Buda, TX will choose "Belly" as their mascot. Buda Bellies. All their teams would wear cut off shirts which show their bellies. Cheerleaders would show their bellies. Fans would wear cut off shirts in solidarity. Buddha statue in the park for children to climb on. Bellyfest: a town festival celebrating 6 pack abs, Buddha style bellies, abdominal crunches, and the crowning of "Miss Buda Belly". If there is a mascot god in heaven, this will happen.

h/t Maggies Farm

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