Saturday, September 13, 2008

ABC scatter-edited significant portions of Palin's interview replies

transcript showing edited words in bold and underlined.

I wouldn't mind so much if ABC had edited out entire sections of questions and answers. Instead, where Governor Palin might've given a six sentence answer, ABC sometimes edited out two sentences directly in the middle of her answer. The editing interrupted and sometimes invalidated the flow of her logic.

ABC should not have edited Palin in this scattered and choppy fashion. I've seen criticism of Palin's answers which would not have occurred if her answers had not been chopped up in editing. We're in a Presidential race. Let the candidate answer the question.


Just One Minute's Tom Maguire, watching the edited interview, characterized Palin as an insane warmonger. Now, having seen the transcript, Maguire proclaims Palin a dove, and proclaims the editing possibly fortunate, as it's better for a woman candidate to be seen as a war monger than as a dove. link

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