Monday, September 15, 2008

Approximately on the scale of our own Sun

I completely understand why the sometimes profane Ace of Spades blog was selected "Blog of the Year" in 2007. I'm all over Ace of Spades like it was a BBQ rib. Ace:
No sunspots seen in an entire month -- the first time that's happened since 1913. Fewer sunspots = lower solar activity = lower earth temperatures.
Last year alone, as sunspot activity continued to dwindle, we lost something like .7 Celsius in global mean temperature -- nearly wiping out all the scary-huge warming we've had over the past century (about 1 degree C).
Unknown commenter at Ace of Spades:
If only there were some ... natural mechanism for explaining the warming and cooling phases of the earth.

This hypothetical mechanism would have to be a massive source of energy, however. Approximately on the scale of our own Sun.


Anonymous said...

Who could imagine that the sun could influence the earth's climate? Now we need to find a way to blame changes in the sun upon the actions of mankind. Then we can justify a human sacrifice to appease the sun gods.

gcotharn said...

Heh. I know a few people who are welcome to be at the front of the human sacrifice line.