Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick on a pig

Get it?

I am so funny.

Barack the candidate is fraying under the pressure.

Previous example of Barack being a frontrunning punk: Barack squeezes every unnecessary delegate out of FL and MI. Second example: Barack says Hillary's delegates "just need to get over it." Third and fourth examples: Barack doesn't pay off Hillary's debt; doesn't invite Hillary onto the ticket. Fifth example: Barack gives Hillary the finger. I remember this when it happened. I watched a longer video of it quite a few times. Wasn't accidental. Just as lipstick pig wasn't accidental. Pig clearly refers to Palin; stinking fish clearly refers to McCain. I don't consider there to be any question about the intentionality of the statements.

Do I think Barack is a misogynist? I can't see into his heart, and therefore I believe it unfair to speculate.

The issue is judgment. Barack's already got the woman problems from the race with Hillary. He's already somewhat famously called a reporter "sweetie". He didn't need this. This was a dumb move which was made out of one part spiteful punk and one part weak panicky frontrunner coming apart at the seams - all of which reflects horribly on what kind of POTUS he would be.

A POTUS needs some grounded principles to fall back on. You can see it in McCain. You can see it in Palin's biography. You cannot see it in Barack; you cannot see it in his biography. He's weak.


All eyes will now be on Governor Palin.

She shouldn't ask for an apology. Chuck Norris never asks for apologies. Conversely, she needs to guard against gloating. She needs to gracefully, humorously thread the needle between victim and gloat. Please oh please, someone on the McCain staff: just give her a little good advice. She'll do the rest.

Exit question:
If she pulls it off, might we look back in two months and say "Obama's chances ended the moment Sarah Palin applied lipstick onstage"?

Palin and McCain should go Branson on their audiences:

After Palin applies lipstick, McCain should walk onstage swathed in butcher paper. He should wear a "Landshark" Halloween costume head. Every costume store has them.

Palin, sniffing: Sen. McCain, you had a shower today?

McCain: Why, yes. Yes I have.

Palin, ruefully: I think you need a redo.

McCain wanders offstage.

Palin: Lately, I just can't seem to keep myself out of the muck.

Palin turns and stretches her arms in the air. She has a pig tail attached to the back of her skirt. She removes pig tail, tosses into audience.

Palin gives her speech.

My scenario would kill. Future audiences would demand encore performances. We McCain-Palin voters are pure Branson.


Gerard Van der Leun comparison.

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