Monday, September 22, 2008

Sports roundup

Josh Hamilton has creases in this Fathead wall poster.

Click link, then click "View Product Image".

He's got creases in his helmet, neck, undershirt, inked arms, wrist tape, batting gloves, jersey midsection, pants thighs, backs of pant knees, pants ankles, cleats. Josh Hamilton has creases.

It's a good metaphor for him. He's been knocked around. He's not perfect. He is resilient.

UCLA home uniforms are classic. I've forever been entranced by the blue. The gold is also an outstanding shade. The first time I went to California: I looked at the sky: "UCLA blue!"; I looked at the hills: "UCLA gold!"; I was the happiest goofball tourist in California.

Arizona's road uniforms: not so classic.

Another entrancing, iconic shade of home uniform jersey; another less than iconic road uniform.

When a Ryder Cup heats up on Sunday, it becomes the most dramatic event in golf.

American golfers of Phil Mickelson's generation are chokers. The generation coming behind Mickleson's generation are not chokers. Hunter Mahan(of McKinney [Texas] High) and Anthony Kim are not chokers. American golf needs less Micklesons, and more Texans and Koreans.

Anthony Kim's destruction of Sergio Garcia was as electric as I remember any round of golf ever being. Kim won 5 and 4 on Ryder Cup Sunday. Electric.

Boo Weekley is inches from becoming an American legend. If he gets a couple of wins in Majors, he will be there. Or, if he wins one U.S. Open, he will be there. He might get there anyway. Boo is a guy you naturally desire to root for.

Green Bay DB Mick Collins intercepted a Romo pass (at the :50 mark) and made a return to midfield which likely covered 75 yards in toto. He was tackled after hustling efforts by Cowboy WRs Patrick Crayton and Terrell Owens, both of whom ran their pass patterns and then chased down the DB after running perhaps 90 to 110 total yards on the play. As I watched, I realized Crayton, Owens, and Miles Austin were really the only Cowboys on the field with the speed to make the tackle. With a little luck, Marion Barber or Jason Witten might've made the tackle - but both needed luck, as neither could run with the a seemingly very fast Mick Collins. The rest of the Cowboys offense had no chance unless they grouped up and boxed the DB in, which was unlikely on this play. Since Miles Austin apparently possesses the tackling skills of an 8 year old, Crayton and Owens pretty much had to make the play. There were no other options. And they did. Austin was headed way down the field to set up his third tackle attempt of the play, so maybe Collins would not have scored. The Packers should've sent all their blockers after Crayton and Owens (and, grudgingly, Austin, who needs some serious tackling practice), then just let Collins outrun and juke everyone else.

A huge factor in Felix Jones' success is his vision. He makes the right cuts, and he goes the right places. I don't know that Felix Jones has a lot of shimmy. However, if you see the right place to run, and run there, that counts for a lot.

A lot of RBs make a lot of poor decisions with the ball. Some poor decisions have to do with having a poor sense of timing about when to cut vs. when to momentarily hesitate and let things develop. Felix, happily, seems to have both vision and a feel for timing.

Felix, postgame, describing his TD run: "T.O. come up beside me and told me 'Come on', like we was racin' or somethin."

Nice hustle game for Terrell Owens. He works so hard, you have to like having him on your team. It's amazing that such an old guy can keep himself in such good condition. An NFL WR does a LOT of running. Traditionally, older WR's (think Art Monk) play somewhat part time. They take some rests during the games. Terrell Owens does not rest.

The Cowboys rushed the ball (Barber: 28 for 145) and pressured Aaron Rogers. Championship teams rush the ball and pressure the QB. The Cowboys look good.

The upcoming Redskins game is a classic opportunity for the Cowboys to play flat and get beaten by a traditional rival. video kicks derrierre.

Bon Voyage, Yankee Stadium.

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