Wednesday, September 03, 2008

An Alaska Dem dishes on Palin

He loves her, but he also thinks she'll be off the McCain ticket in two weeks, due - so far as I can tell - to early adult years of assorted wildness. He was pretty vague about this part.

As I read his prediction and his vagueness, I flashed to Sen. Thompson's gratuitous RNC mention of Naval Aviator McCain dating an exotic dancer in Florida. I had assumed Sen. Thompson threw that into the sunlight in order to innoculate McCain against an October Surprise. However, WILD SPECULATION ALERT: could Sen. Thompson have been prepping the ground for revelation of drunken topless table dancing photos of Sarah Palin - or something else in that vein? That's completely wild and unsupportable speculation. It's just that, putting two and two together, my ears have suddenly pricked up.

Update: the more I think about this, the more I wonder if this Alaska Dem was referencing Palin's home Church of Christ church in Wasilla. The right may not like drunken table dancing; the left is most scornful of perceived ridiculous Christian believers in their backwards churches. Such a church background gives the left a thousand opportunities to twist words and concepts they do not understand in the first place. Christianity, authentically practiced, is a revolutionary religion - and the Church of Christ is doing their best to authentically practice their religion. If Christianity is misunderstood, and if the tiniest twist of additional lies is added on top of what is already going on ... well, in this method exists potential for unending "scandals" about many churches - and likely definitely including Palin's home church. One need only misunderstand what they are saying, then twist it and spin it just a tad. One can do that again and again, ad infinitum.

An excerpt of the Alaska Dem in Reason Magazine:

A: Sarah Palin has been a pretty freaking awesome governor. She came in saying that the entire system was corrupt, and that Republicans were evil, and she was going to just mix everything up and get us a gas pipeline and end of story. And she got to power, she was elected overwhelmingly by independents, beat Tony Knowles, who had been governor before.

The Republicans hate her. If you go and talk to the Alaska delegation here, they despise her.

Q: Really?

A: Hate her. Oh my god! This whole thing about her retarded son really being her daughter's was started by Lyda Green, who is president of the senate, a Republican. [...]

She gave a two-finger salute to Conoco Phllips and Exxon Mobile, raised their taxes on their oil, put in place a transparent way to bid for the seed money and the licenses to finally, finally, put in a natural gas pipeline in Alaska. And it was won by a Canadian company. And she went to the mat and made it happen. She has been systematically pulling the drilling licenses of Conoco Phillips and Exxon Mobile for areas that they haven't touched. I mean, they've been hoarding reserves, and she says, you know, use it or lose it, and she has been sending the attorney general time after time to revoke these things. It's absolutely fascinating.
Q: Do you think the scandals are going to continue to unfold, or have we reached the end of it?

A: Oh yeah. I mean, my personal prediction is that I give her two weeks. McCain did zero vetting. They're now plowing through the microfiche of the Mat-Su Frontiersman, the newspaper down at the local library. The Daily News got their pee-pee slapped by Editor & Publisher for doing zero actual reporting, because everyone loves Sarah. And look -- I love her so much that I'm really looking forward to having her back in 63 days. [...]

She is what McCain would like to be: She really is a maverick. In two years she stuck it to the two largest oil corporations in the United States of America. That's pretty fucking impressive, you know, that she has antagonized her party to the point that they despise her. And her ratings are still in the 80s.

The invaluable Beldar, estimable long-time member of the Houston Bar Association, explains that Palin did not level a Windfall Profits Tax. It is, instead, a method of collecting rights fees from oil companies: Don't be misled into thinking that Gov. Palin has championed the same sort of "windfall profits taxes" on oil companies that Obama has

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