Monday, September 22, 2008

Another cool blog links The End Zone!


Which means: welcome to my blogroll! I ought to have blogrolled Webutante earlier, actually, since I've been reading her blog a lot. I've positioned Webutante amongst a lineup of blogs written by women: Malkin, Anchoress, neo-neocon, Webutante, Rachel Lukas' Blog of Dogs Eating Treats. It's the '27 Yankees lineup of estrogen blogs. Webutante is in the Lou Gehrig spot: hitting cleanup.

Webutante's self-descrip:
I'm a right leaning square, no cube, living in the SE US and Rockies, and mother of two tax paying adults. With a degree in civil and environmental engineering, I've worked as a journalist, fundraiser, and a professional fly fishing guide, among other things. I've never met a hiking trail, trout stream, leafy green vegetable, articulate, conservative, string of pearls or a Gospel I didn't like and want to spend more time with. After growing up in a conservative, Christian family, I was seduced by many "isms" of the 60s, and later realized I was on a dead-end street . By the Grace of God and the mercy of His Son, I am making a U-turn away from anything goes relativism, back to rock solid principles and my sanity. It's a long journey and I'm a sinner. May this blog give Him glory.
From Webutante's most recent post:
Wildman Jim Cramer has written absolutely the best piece I've seen to date on the Wall Street meltdown---how we got there, what happened last week and where we're headed. It takes a bit of time and concentration, but well worth the effort. We owe it to ourselves and children to try to understand as best we can causes of this mess so we can avoid it in the future, at least in the financial sector.


Webutante said...

Thank you so much. One of the most fun parts of blogging is meeting a few like minded people going in the same direction. A pleasure to know you. Please tell me your first name...Jim? Thanks also for your well-written comments not just on my blog but on others much more illustrious.

gcotharn said...

Greg Cotharn. Cotharn is pronounced sort of like "Hawthorne", but with a C in the front. It's a mispelled and mispronounced English name.

Paul Gordon said...

Thanks for pointing out this site.
I've added it to my bookmarks.

Oh! I e-mailed you earlier today about problems accessing comments. I suspect that on occasion just gets overloaded, and a later try might work. My presence here now seems to indicate such.

Webutante said...

thanks Greg, it's nice to puta first name to someone....though I won't use it all the time. Appreciate Paul coming by also.

My first name is Jane.