Friday, September 12, 2008

Downs Syndrome girl goes to McCain-Palin event

Nice photos and story. Governor Palin is human and authentic. For instance: look at the way she clings to Trig. She's got his back. Authenticity.

h/t The Anchoress: They Hate Her Because She Is Not a Victim

The Anchoress is onto something I've been saying for days: they instantly hated her b/c she personifies the American Dream. If the American Dream is real, there is no need for a more socialized government. Palin's very biography threatens their most crucial truth, i.e. the American Dream is fantasy, deception, a lie. Result: instant hatred; she must be destroyed. How dare she succeed without benefit of affirmative action, connections, or money?! But that reaction is just animal instinct. This is their later, rationalized, second stage thinking: she could not in fact have succeeded as she seems to have. She must be a cynical fake. Something's up. Rove, you bastard!

At Red State Update, though Jackie is all in on Palin, Dunlap has a concern:
What if she gets the Holy Ghost during a national emergency? Starts raisin her hand in the air and rollin around on the floor and stuff?

Last, from Jim Treacher: Palin dodges tough questions about existence of "Alaska".

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