Thursday, September 25, 2008

Felix Jones

When I first skimmed Felix Jones highlights, he looked like a man playing inferior competition. I liked him, but did not have a solid instinct for what type pro he would be. Now I've watched this highlight reel, in which Felix runs through the entire SEC plus both USCs. The best runs come between the 5:40 and 7:00 marks.

Felix has some shimmy; Felix has some speed. Felix has balance which allows him to make cuts even at full speed. What Felix mostly has is vision. He sees where to go, then goes there. Seeing where to go seems simple. It probably is simple to Felix, yet it's kind of rare amongst RBs. Watching, it looks simple - especially because Felix runs smoothly, without flail or bounce, like a duck gliding across a tranquil pond. He runs as if he is smoothing through reps against thin air. It's only when you've really watched him awhile - going just the right place, and just the right place - that you suddenly realize his vision is his true genius.

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