Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Comedy GOLD

No, not the cartoon, though I like the cartoon.

The comedy gold is this You Tube of lefty talk radio hosts begging Dem Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel of Alaska to criticize Governor Palin. Instead, Gravel defends Palin on every point they raise. The more Gravel defends her, the more famfloozled and insistent: "but Mike!" the radio hosts get. In response, Gravel only gets more vigorous in his defense of Palin. At the end, he is saying he's not going to vote for Barack, and Democrats are war mongers, and they cut him off midthought. Note: he's not voting for McCain, either. But, still, the radio hosts are maximally bandersnatched. For me - for my particular sense of humor: this is hilarity.

More YouTube: Reactionary right wing bloggers - absolute haters and harpies - receive orders from Rove and make video: I am Sarah Palin.

Note: "absolute haters and harpies" is an attempt to humorously imitate the language at lefty websites. I am charmed by the women in the video. If Karl Rove ever gave me an order: I would follow it to the letter, brag about it to my friends, then have the order inscribed for posterity on my tombstone .

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