Monday, February 15, 2010

Evan Grant talks with Clint Hurdle and looks at tweaks to Texas Rangers batting approaches

Maybe there's hope for Kinsler. Evan Grant's in depth article. Now that's sports reporting.

Clint Hurdle is a macho, no bull kind of guy. He's not a spout off, blowhard type personality. He's a listener, yet he's also about no bull. Hurdle was, from the beginning, a good bet to be able to communicate with the personalities of Kinsler, Hamilton, Chris Davis.

And that was, in the end, Rudy Jaramillo's hill to climb. Kinsler and Hamilton, especially, were tuning Jaramillo out and were (unintentionally, yet definitely) sabotaging the entire offense. It wasn't necessarily Jaramillo's fault. Yet, when it began happening, and to such detriment to the team, Jaramillo needed to go. To his credit: Rudy Jaramillo knew it and moved on -to green pastures of Wrigley Field. Which he will love, I hope.

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