Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Sarah Palin calls for Rahm Emmanuel's resignation over "retarded"


An issue near and dear to Trig's mother.

However, calling for resignation is a rhetorical bridge too far. I would prefer this type of public comment: It was an insensitive and hurtful statement, and I appreciate that Mr. Emmanuel has apologized.

Asking for resignation is trying to run up the score: is trying to get her name out there as a fighter and as a leader. Mistake.* On multiple levels.

Political mistake for herself, as she now loses the high ground. She has willingly jumped into the mud pit.

Political mistake vis a vis conservatives. The right cannot win an ongoing back and forth contest of pc accusation with the left, and it's silly to try. The left has the media, and therefore will always win the majority of these types of victories; will always win the major victories.

Most importantly: it's simply wrong to embrace a political correctness which is antithetical to American values and is significantly damaging America. Rahm Emmanuel offended some people, and has chosen to make apologies. Only politically correct thinking would demand his head for having unintentionally offended a group of Americans in this almost routinely human fashion: we all make verbal gaffes. Or, only politically correct thinking would pretend to divine, from thin air, Emmanuel's true intention. Rahm Emmanuel gets to say what his words meant. No one else knows what was going on in his head (we know Rahm has no heart, so the intentions of his heart are not an issue). Conservatives must rise above Political Correctness; must make an effective argument that political correctness is national poison. Speech must not be chilled in this way: must not be chilled by pulling out a guillotine in response to inevitable human gaffes. Such damages our culture and our nation.

Classic 76 seconds of television - comparable to Abbott and Costello's "Who's on First", with the Southpark kids understanding exactly what they are talking about:

*It's maybe less of a mistake if she has no intention of running for President, and instead wants to serve as a grenade lobber. It still costs her gravitas for any future grenades she would lob. So, under these particular circumstances, I still wouldn't like it, but maybe it would be less of a mistake.

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