Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Hot: Gay Conservatives; Cool Conservatives

CPAC spontaneously, vocally, definitively supported gay people's right to be inside the CPAC tent. It was, to me, the best moment of the weekend: public, definitive demonstration of principles and values.

Conservatives' CPAC reaction was good news for human beings and bad news for leftist politics. Something is in the wind. The left is losing it's previously unquestioned cool status: the cool people, more and more, are popping up on the right. Chuck Norris. Rudy Giuliani. Tammy Bruce. The Hill Buzz guys are (were?) left-center moderates who are being attacked, by the establishment left, for heresy; whose livelihoods are threatened by coordinated and false attacks on their reputations. Given their heretical views and their martyr status: I'm claiming them for the right.

The uncool establishment are now on the left: clueless socialist teachers/professors, establishment Hollywood who believe American military are villains and the American Dream is fantasy, establishment politicians who believe in a failed big government model, atheists who are in psychological denial about the discrediting of their global warming religion (and who are increasingly making public fools of themselves), screeching dishonest jerks who attack free speech and Hill Buzz guys.

The cool people, increasingly, are on the right. The cool people know free markets are the greatest solution to pain and suffering in all of world history; know American military is a historic force for good; know the American Dream lives; know small government is the nation's only hope; know humans "can go outside and spit and have as much climate effect as doubling CO2"; do not fear the free speech and ideas of their opponents.

The cool right says: bring it on and let truth prevail. The uncool left says: shut up, shut up, shut up, or we will falsely attack you and shut you up. Good luck with that, dinosaur left. The internet, and the communication it enables, is your death knell. And ice core samples. And ultrasound. And the failure, over and over, of Marxism, of Keynesian theory. Sniff the wind. Change is in the air:

the cool people,
are on the right =>

More cool hot conservative chicks. Cool hot conservative is the new gay, and conservative gay is the new gay.

Off topic musing: many things which are good news for human beings also are - almost by definition - bad news for leftist politics.


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