Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday Hot: Gene Tierney


Ms. Tierney married Oleg Cassini, had a romance with a younger JFK, and married Texas oilman W. Howard Lee (who had been married to Hedy Lamarr) and happily lived out her last decades of life in Houston as an excellent contact bridge player. Despite her romance with JFK, Ms. Tierney voted for Nixon in 1960, saying: "I thought he would be a better President."

Ms. Tierney experienced a famous tragedy: while pregnant, and entertaining troops, she contracted rubella from a Marine who had sneaked out of the infirmary to see her show. Her second child, a daughter, was subsequently was born prematurely, blind, and with cognitive limitations. Ms. Tierney and Oleg Cassini had three children in total.

H/t to "If Charlie Parker was a gunslinger...." for the photo.


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Mark W said...

Correction to this post: Gene Tierney had two children, not three, and the first child was Daria, who was disabled.

I CAN add that I liked RC Cola as a kid...