Monday, February 22, 2010

Pitchers and Catchers Report!


Surprise, Arizona: bunch of guys who go about 6'4" and 220, who throw fastballs in the mid 90s, and who the Texas Rangers control for 6 big league seasons. Excepting Feliz, none of these guys are well known. Yet, they are close to being big league ready, and are getting closer all the time. Far right is Omar Beltre.


Bro 64 said...

That's an awfully exciting picture.

Feliz looks like he's filled out and is much stronger than the wiry kid I met in the Beloit parking lot in July 2008.

Beltre and Ogando must be like kids on Christmas morning.

It's time for some of these guys to develop and push forward. The next two years for the Rangers organization is key. It's awesome to have great prospects, but they must convert to great players.

gcotharn said...

I love that photo. And you are correct, about all of it, but especially: how excited are Beltre and Ogando? They must be through the roof.