Monday, February 22, 2010

Sarah Palin & Family Guy: forgoing abortion deserves ridicule

My instinct was to lay off the Sarah Palin & Family Guy kerfuffle. First, the whole thing is boring. But, also: what was the joke? What I mean is: what was the concept which was supposed to be funny? I kept thinking the concept of the joke would eventually dawn on me. It didn't - and I never could figure out what in the joke was supposed to be funny - until I began writing and editing this post. Once I figured out the joke, had to delete everything and start over, b/c this originally was going to be a "What is the joke?" post.

Here's the joke:

Down Syndrome Girl says
"My father is an accountant, and my mother is the former Governor of Alaska."
What's funny? Do you know?

The joke was targeted at Palin's decision to forgo abortion. To wit: only a Sarah Palin type would be so stupid as to fail to abort a Down Syndrome baby. That's the joke, i.e.
Ha ha. She is such a stupid hick. Lets mock her and laugh at her: My mom is the former governor of Alaska, i.e. the only hick person stupid enough to 1)(speculation) forgo birth control, and 2) give birth to a Down Syndrome baby! Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. Ho, that is funny!

Certain insecure women look at Sarah Palin, know they would not have made her choice to give birth, and feel guilty. The defense against their own feelings of guilt = Sarah Palin is a joke, b/c any woman who would give birth in such a situation is a joke. Family Guy was playing into that. That was the joke.

And do not discount an added little factor of envy which encourages some to mock Palin, and which was blowing in the breeze surrounding Family Guy's joke: Sarah Palin has a happy sex life with a hot husband. Trig is blatant advertisement of this.

Thus, from the perspective of a certain type of insecure person: Sarah Palin is throwing Trig in the faces of American women who hate her for it. They hate her for making them feel guilty; they hate her for having a happy sex life with an attractive guy when their sex lives were unhappy, are barely existent, and their guys got fat. The bitch. Their only defense: Sarah Palin is a laughable joke; let's laugh at her now.

Was anyone on the left embarrassed by the premise of the Family Guy joke? Hopefully, yes. Mostly, no. Mostly, the left cocoon in their self-unquestioned status as smarter and more virtuous human beings, and in their secure knowledge that the right are too ignorant to understand why the left are smarter and more virtuous. The left have no reason to concern themselves about the possibility of embarrassing behavior. Ha. As if.


Webutante said...

Nice commentary. And spot on right!

gcotharn said...

I suspect a lot of people who laughed had a vague understanding that they were laughing at a delusional hick, yet did not quite click all the pins into place in the tumbler of the lock, i.e. did not quite put together that they were laughing b/c Sarah Palin chose to forgo abortion. They knew they were laughing at her delusion, but they did not quite look at EXACTLY what they were laughing at. They didn't go all the way there. Willful ignorance. They prefer to laugh, and not to fully examine. They deserve to laugh, b/c Palin is so laughable.