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Jason Kidd is a smart player: episode #1029; Roddy Beaubois

Update: 6 hours after I published on Roddy Beaubois, DallasBasketball.com published on Roddy Beaubois. Those guys, clearly, read this blog!

Unknown to me, last night, Cuban said "I'm not trading Roddy Beaubois. Except for one or two guys, he's untouchable." The issuance of that statement, oddly enough, makes me think Cuban might be close to trading Roddy Beaubois.


Last night. San Francisco. 2:10 remaining in game. The Golden State Warrior whom Kidd is guarding makes his move. Kidd immediately fouls him.

Announcer: that's the 3rd foul on Kidd, and only the 3rd team foul, so Golden State will have to throw it in from out of bounds. It's fortunate that foul was committed now, b/c in only a few seconds it would've been committed inside of the 2 minute mark, and that would've put Golden State on the line.

It wasn't fortunate. Jason Kidd knew exactly what he was doing, when he was doing it, and why. Don't even doubt it. Watching Jason Kidd is pure basketball pleasure.

Roddy Beaubois is the fastest player ever to play for the Dallas Mavericks franchise. Ever. And second place - which might be either Tony Dumas or Gerald Green - is not really that close. And Roddy's speed translates to the short spurts and the quick first steps which are necessary for good basketball. He's agile. He's coordinated. He's exactly the kind of athlete you want to surround Dirk Nowitski with. He's a willing defender, and there seems little doubt he will one day be an outstanding defender. He can shoot it. He's a good kid. Other teams desire him in trade.

Now for the HOWEVER: he's 6'2"(or less), and he might or might not ever make it as a point guard - it's difficult, at this point, to predict. All we know, for sure, is that Roddy's head currently spins when he plays point guard in the NBA. He seemingly has little idea of where the ball ought be going. He'll maaaybe develop as a PG, over 4 years or so, but nothing is a given.

<== Left:
Wha choo talkin bout, Jason?
Can you say it in French?

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Intriguingly, when Roddy plays 2-guard, he presents match up problems for the opposition: Roddy can guard the opposing 2-guard better than the opponent can guard Roddy. Roddy has long arms for his height: he defends taller than 6'2". Therefore, even if Roddy never makes it as a PG, he could be an intriguing 2-guard who drives opponents crazy. Roddy could be a type of Ben Gordon lightning scorer off the bench, only with better defense. It's easy to envision Roddy in that role.

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