Saturday, May 31, 2008

Barack and Michelle resign from their church

Update: After writing this, I saw video of Barack making the announcement. He played it as if both he and TUCC have been victims of unfair media. Barack has gall. Playing the victim will not save him with general election voters. He's in crisis, and doesn't seem to know it. If he doesn't campaign as laid out below: he is toast.

Musing: Is it possible Obama wanted out of the church, and had his ally: Rev. Pfleger, make controversial remarks in order to give Barack cover for leaving the church? Could that have happened?


In leaving his church, Barack is admitting he sat for 20 years in a racist church. Many voters who did not believe it before will believe it now. Barack cannot say: "Gosh, TUCC went wrong in the last 12 months." Voters, properly so, would not believe that lie. Barack's only chance is to say:
Because the church did many good things in the community, and because the staff and members were beloved good friends to us: Michelle and I glazed over and ignored the misguided opinions of some persons in the church. We were wrong to have done that. We are humbled. We apologize, and we ask forgiveness.

It's ironic Michelle and I have spoken out about the evils of racism. We may have felt - in some instances - as if we were teachers, and as if we were standing up for principle. However, we now see we are still students. We now see we did not stand up as often as we could have. We are humbled.
Such a statement would help with two of Barack's problems:

1. The perception - fueled by his associations ("White folks' greed runs a world in need" *) - that Barack blames white people, as a race, for some of the ills of our society.

2. The perception that Barack and Michelle are elitist snobs. The "humbled" part of the above message would help here.

Being a member of a Black Liberation Theology church ought disqualify a candidate in the minds of voters. Barack ought be beyond saving - unless he repents.

If a church keeps religion separate from government: theology over here in church; policy out there in the world ... then a candidate ought not answer questions about his church, as such questions are irrelevant to his political principles and his governing principles.

However, Black Liberation Theology overtly mixes religion and politics. BLT openly advocates Marxist economic policies. BLT openly blames white people - as a race - for the problems of black people around the globe. Part of the BLT message, simplified: "When white people gain money and power, they do things which hurt black people." The message is not: "When fallible people or bad people gain power ...." It is: "When white people gain power...."

Barack's only chance is to repent, then lead a parade of condemnation against Black Liberation Theology. Every time he condemns BLT, he needs to say: "Michelle and I have seen the light!" This is his only chance.

It is said less than 10% of black churches believe in BLT. Barack needs to persuade some of that 10% that BLT is the devil sneaking up on them. They, like him, can now see the light and repent.

Some say only persons in power can be racist. Barack needs to boldly speak out against this horse manure. He needs to run around the country saying: "Black people can be just as racist as white people! Racism is always wrong - in all its forms!"

This should be part of Barack's outreach to the Reagan Democrats who voted for Hillary in the primaries. He needs to show he detests what they detest: elitist horse manure theories about victimology. He needs to show he values what they value: self-reliance; "an honest day's work"; good citizenship; love of God and country.

Finally, branching out, Barack needs to return from Iraq and announce he has seen the light: the Iraqi Government is succeeding; it is and will be viable; it is and will be a beacon of freedom and moderation in the Middle East. He has seen the light - just as he saw the light about TUCC - just as he saw the light about the elitist horse manure theory about power and racism. Barack can say he has the nimbleness to change policy when conditions change. He can draw a contrast with Bush' and McCain's stubbornness. The contrast will be illogical, but - with MSM helping him: it will work okay for Barack.

These are radical steps, yet they are Barack's only chance at victory. If he takes these steps, he is more savvy than I suspect, and he may turn a potentially huge November loss into victory.

Ditching his church is crisis. Voters understand this means Barack sat in a racist church for 20 years. Barack cannot blithely shrug this off. If he sees both the crisis and the opportunity; if he acts boldly: he has a chance.


* "White folks' greed runs a world in need." - Rev. Jeremiah Wright

In his book: "Dreams of My Father", Barack cited this as one of the statements which originally drew him to TUCC. Powerline has audio of Barack reading this quote.

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