Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mavs' Carlisle interviewed by Galloway

Mostly paraphrased, some quoted:

Galloway: Last week I said you were an awful hire, b/c Donny and Cuban want an uptempo offense.

RC: One of the things that attracts me is that it is a different kind of offense than I've had in the past. Compared to what I've had, this is an uptempo offense. I've had a history of being able to adjust and adapt. In the playoffs, the opponents are so familiar, each team has to be able to adjust and freelance more, and my teams have done that.

Galloway: J'accuse! You are slow play!

RC: 1) Give me a chance. 2) "The complexion of this roster could change significantly between now and the end of the summer." Mid-level exception.

Galloway's assistant: What did you learn from studying D'Antoni's offense this season?

RC: before the Shaq trade, they left the middle of the floor open all of the time. The PF: Sean Marion, ranged all the way out to the three point line. The thing about this, in most cases, teams don't have Steve Nash. With Jason Kidd, we will certainly do some things similar to Phoenix. We cannot and will not do it all the time, but we will do it some.

Galloway: your opinion of Mavericks talent and overall situation?

RC: 2006 was a great run. 2007: an awkward match up. Future: players must be willing to run floor with Kidd; we must focus on defense. Those two items are in opposition to each other, but we must find a way to make it work.

Galloway: does Mavs talent suck?

RC: roster tweaks are needed; there may or may not be quick fixes available. I turned around Indiana w/o roster changeover; maybe I can do something similar here.

Galloway: Mavs need to thug things up. Ron Artest?

RC: He's under contract. I can't talk about him. He's a real difference maker in this league. I love him. I love his family. He's one of the most physical, intimidating players I've ever seen at the SF position.

Galloway Asst: From previous stops: what did you learn that you would do differently?

RC: hoping to hire staff w/head coaching experience, and that have experience with diff types of systems and personnel in the league. A lot of times, you learn more from your players than you do from coaches. I will be in information collecting mode from players and coaches.

Galloway: Josh Howard?

RC: I don't like the word "handle". I'm getting with Josh tomorrow night for dinner, and we'll have a long talk about a lot of things. People make mistakes. I certainly have. Josh Howard is one of the guys in this league we as opposing coaches really feared. I hope Josh feels he has something to prove.

Galloway: Avery: Misused Kidd? Used Dirk well?

RC: It's hard for me to comment on that. It's hard to integrate new players in mid season. Kidd came to a team that was a mid to medium tempo team. It was hard for Kidd and the team to adjust to each other. Avery and I had a long talk yesterday. He and I have gotten to be pretty good friends, actually. He said he wasn't sure what he was going to do next.

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