Sunday, May 25, 2008

Josh Hamilton's workload

I thought, when Hamilton came to the Rangers: given that 2007 was his rookie season, and that 162 games is a heckuva grind, and that Hamilton's mental and emotional health is primarily important ... I thought Rangers management would give him a lot of off days - not for physical health, but rather just to keep him mentally and emotionally fresh and rested: to keep everything about his situation balanced, rested, and pointing in the right direction.

Instead, the Rangers are working him like a Clydesdale on a farm: constantly, every day, working him, working him, working him. Working hands are happy hands.

Now, the Rangers have Jerry Narron and Johnny Narron watching Hamilton. They are from North Carolina. They know his parents. They've known Hamilton virtually all of Hamilton's life. They, as well as anybody, ought to know what's best for Hamilton. It could be that keeping Hamilton in a steady and grinding routine of farmwork is what's best. I don't know for sure. I do appreciate that routine and habit is a very good thing.

Still, are Ron Washington and Jon Daniels and all involved losing sight of the big picture? The 2008 Rangers are a wonderful, plucky story ... yet there is not going to be a playoff series win for this team. Those might come in future seasons - IF Josh Hamilton is mentally and emotionally healthy.

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