Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Return to blogging lookaround: Chinese Earthquake

I'm happy to be back, and to have things to express.

Chinese earthquake

There are no words - of either comfort or explanation. Maybe 70,000 are dead. If so: how many injured? The mind boggles. The heart breaks.

Searching my mind ... I find no comforting words or thoughts. I think of C.S. Lewis (paraphrasing)
Christianity is not about comfort. It is about truth. If one searches for truth, one may find comfort.
Tough. Existence is tough. Hard as nails. Harder, actually.

Shoddy construction is being blamed for part of the death and injury: corrupt government officials took bribes to sign off on shoddy construction. If true, this is an indictment of communism's attempt to impose morality via law.

The U.S. Constitution recognizes both free will, and pervasive immorality. It sets up an adversarial system in which everyone is accountable either to the law, to the voters, or to the voters' elected representatives. We are susceptible to corruption - it is a true threat to us. Yet, we are not as hopelessly susceptible and threatened as communist nations.

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