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Conversation w/Jeff: follow up links

Skype-conversationed with famous cousin Jeff. He has relocated to Rio de Janiero for a few years. This post incorporates some follow-up emails to Jeff (to flesh out some conversational topics).

The photos were taken by Jeff's wife, Karen, along Route 66 in the Texas panhandle/western Oklahoma area. Some of Karen's Route 66 photos were selected for display in a photography show.

Polar Bears threaten America

Proponents of world government attempting to
1) gain/use threatened species status of polar bear, to
2) force climate change regulation targeted at saving the polar bear, to
3) accomplish actual goal of controlling aspects of U.S. economic policy.

Jeff observed that every large and wild mammal on Earth could be said to be threatened, b/c large and wild mammals need large spaces in which to operate, and such large spaces are shrinking.

Silent Scream of the Asparagus
At the request of the Swiss government, an ethics panel has weighed in on the "dignity" of plants and opined that the arbitrary killing of flora is morally wrong. This is no hoax. The concept of what could be called "plant rights" is being seriously debated.
Michelle Malkin:
Sure, you vegans thought yourselves so morally pure. But according to the Swiss government, your hands are stained with the chlorophyll of innocent beings.

The crescent of the moon is observed on opposite sides of the moon (right side vs. left side) in the northern and southern hemispheres.

My son, Jake, and I pulled out a basketball (Earth) and our own fists (moon). When the sun shines on the eastern crescent of the moon, we (in Texas) see the moon in the eastern and then the southern sky, and the left side of the moon is lit as we look at it. You (in Rio) see the moon in the eastern and then the northern sky, and the right side of the moon is lit as you look at it. Plus, standing in the southern hemisphere, clearly you are standing upside down - with your feet nearer the equator and your head nearer the South Pole - thus causing blood to rush to your head as you try to look up at the sky, which is clearly disorienting and therefore is a problem.

Also: in the early part of the lunar phase the moon's crescent appears lit on the eastern portion of the moon. Days later the moon is full. Days later, in the late part of the lunar phase, the crescent moon is lit on it's western portion. Therefore, the moon is lit in both an eastern and western crescent at differing portions of its lunar phase(a fact which I, in my entire unobservant and clueless life, never before paid attention to).

Does toilet water spin in opposite directions in northern and southern hemispheres(due to Corealis Effect)? says the toilet water direction thing is a myth.

Mom and Dad and Jake say hello. Jake says the Simpsons got kidnapped when they went to Rio (by 8 year old children demanding a ransom of candy). After Jake's story, Mom is more worried than ever about your and Karen's safety. So, the moral is, keep a candy ransom available, and make sure Karen and Gurvis and Gary and Karen's sister know how to access it.

WTC site 9/11 Memorial Controversy - 2005 WSJ article - proposed museum has now been killed off b/c of the controversy

Flight 93 (Pennsylvania) Memorial Controversy
"Is it possible to achieve all of this Islamic orientation without knowing it?"
We should change any 9/11 Memorial design which incorporates "crescent" in any fashion.

The argument for coincidence (which I instinctively want to make) becomes harder and harder to make:
1. Memorial is in shape of Islamic crescent.
2. Islamic star representation is properly positioned relative to crescent.
3. Memorial is properly oriented towards Mecca.
4. Islamic prayer time sundial representation is properly positioned and is the proper height(relative to the surrounding crescent).

That is too much coincidence. Maybe, somewhere in the universe, that much coincidence adds up to "not a Jihadi memorial". But, here on Earth: we're looking at a Jihadi memorial.

I don't want to make myself look like a raving lunatic. However, it is also damning that obvious Islamic details are ever so slightly off - yet, upon closer inspection, other subtle details perfectly rectify and correct the obvious details which originally appeared to be slightly off. A series of deceptions and subtle corrections simply is not coincidence. It is, rather, evidence of intent.

The only way this is not a monument to Islamic Jihad is if the damning evidence which is proffered consists of lies. That is a possibility. So far as I can ascertain, the damning evidence has the heft of legitimacy. Since I am a layperson - armed only with common sense, and not armed with engineering/architectural training - my opinion is not even close to authoritative. I am looking only from my end zone seat, and seeing only what can be seen from this angle. But, good gosh, from this angle the evidence looks like a solid mountain.

I suspect this is not taken seriously, inside Congress and the National Parks Service, b/c those raising the alarm are instinctively compared to loon conspiracy theorists. Yet, this memorial design is not a conspiracy. A conspiracy requires a plot amongst multiple conspirators.

To get this far required only one Jihadi architect + design selectors who refused to recognize evidence of bad intent + U.S. National Parks Service bigshots who refused to recognize evidence of bad intent. We are a nation of experts at refusing to recognize bad intent by jihadis. If this memorial design was generated out of bad intent, it was also no conspiracy. One architect does not comprise a conspiracy. A bunch of Americans practicing blindness as usual does not comprise a conspiracy. Alec Rawls of Error Theory:
The possibility of coincidence is vanishingly small at this point. Symbolism is what architects do. They understand the Islamic symbolism of the crescent. They know that adding a star in almost exactly the position of the star on an Islamic flag confirms the Islamic symbolism of the crescent. They understand that orientation towards Mecca is yet another Islamic symbol. They understand that if a separate wall is added, distinct from the wall of American dead, and it is centered on the crescent, that wall gains the Islamic symbolism of the crescent and the star. They understand that, when there is a translucent block for each dead American, additional translucent blocks symbolize additional deaths, and they know who else died. Is it possible to achieve all of this Islamic orientation without knowing it?

If a monkey sits at a typewriter FOREVER it might type a verse of Shakespeare, but if I see an English Ph.D. student put on a monkey suit and straight off type, “Romeo, Romeo, wherefore are thou Romeo,” I’m pretty sure it’s not a monkey.
Arizona 9/11 Memorial controversy - 2006 information - several panels have now been chiseled off and replaced.

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