Friday, May 09, 2008

Josh Hamilton

Photo: Josh Gibson

Both Joshes have a legendary, larger than life feel to them: like John Henry, or Paul Bunyon. See this, and scroll a bit. And both Joshes have/had their own demons, and their own substance abuse problems. Josh Gibson died young. Pray for Josh Ham.

Urban Dad:
On the day he was born, Josh Hamilton's line was: .367/.653/1.097.

When Hamilton is at the plate and the call is made to the bullpen, everyone is too afraid to answer.

Every pitch thrown to Josh Hamilton is recorded as an E1.

Josh Hamilton makes Jon Daniels look like he knows what he’s doing.(Heh)

Bro64 on Hamilton:
Hamilton's future is in RF, so let's get him there. Let's walk Josh out to RF in Arlington, show him the angles of the fences, tell him we want him to become an expert on those angles because it will be his home for 10 years, and pull out a pen and a contract for 10 years and $100M. Then we should start passing out little cloth forearm sleeves with tattoos on them to all the Ranger fans sitting in right field, so they can wave at Josh. We also should post all kinds of daily affirmation signs and biblical verses around the RF wall to keep Josh focused on the right path. At the start of every inning, as Josh runs out into RF, all the fans can stand up and salute him with their tattoo sleeves, and the scoreboard will flash that inning's affirmation for the whole crowd to read out loud.
"$100M" might not be enough. It's an amazing day when your generous contract estimates might be less than market reality.

Course, the Josh love comes at an odd time, as Josh is in a batting slump. When Josh Hamilton is in a batting slump, other batters wish they had it so good. Or something like that.

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