Wednesday, May 28, 2008

This stuff has to hurt Obama

Doesn't it?

How attractive is SPC Kate Norley, Combat Medic? She's courageous, capable, and attractive. Whillakers.

Something else: Barack, in his ill fated Memorial Day address, said returning U.S. personnel would be ravaged by PTSD, and the government must do more to address their needs. Barack especially pointed to the large number of female personnel who will be ravaged by PTSD suffered as a result of sexual harassment.

Barack's first instinct is not to view military personnel as noble, honorable, and heroic; but rather as victims (PTSD sufferers + crazy uncles in the attic) and as abusive harassers (including harassers of women).

Second, Barack has zero basis for making sweeping assumptions about the upcoming prevalence of PTSD. He pulls this stuff (and a lot of other stuff) out of thin air. Barack consistently makes ridiculous statements which are premised - not on good science or data - but, rather, on leftist fantasy of the day. I'm with Powerline's John Hinderocker: "Why is Barack Obama not a laughingstock?"

Third, what kind of gall (and lack of perspective) does it take to equate combat stress with stress from sexual harassment?

Fourth, does SPC Kate Norley, Combat Medic, look as if she has been debilitated by sexual harassment? What rational person looks at such woman and sees overtly damaged victims?

I suspect the left is largely cut off from personal interaction with personnel in our volunteer military. If the left interacted with our soldiers, if the left ate potato salad with our soldiers at family reunions: the left would neither make nor believe their own sweeping assumptions about victimhood and pervasive harassment.


Donna B. said...

Exactly. The only Iraq veterans that the "anti-war" contingent, including Barack, come in contact with are the "damaged" ones. Whether they were damaged before their military service, during their service, or after matters little to them.

Do they not know that treating someone as a infant will result in infantile behavior?

gcotharn said...

I'm glad you think so also. I definitely suspect they barely know any persons in the military.