Friday, May 23, 2008

Baseball public service message

Josh Hamilton is the best player in baseball. He's a threat to win a Triple Crown - this year.

Offense. Defense. Baserunning. Threw 95 when he pitched in high school. He even sounds like Mickey Mantle during interviews. Understands the strike zone - does not just wildly hack away.

If the drug factor did not exist, you wouldn't trade Josh Hamilton for any other player.

Public service message 2:

There's a rookie CF in Minnesota: Carlos Gomez, who could soon give Josh Hamilton a run for his money as a talented player with awesome physical gifts. Gomez looks like one of the top 5 or so fastest players in baseball. He plays hard. He fields his position. He steals bases. He bunts for hits. He hits home runs. He is 6'4" 195. Awesome player; awesome physical specimen. He needs time to learn the league. But he doesn't need that much time. I doubt the Twins would trade him away for too many other players.

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