Saturday, May 03, 2008

Cowboys 4th Round Pick: RB Tashard Choice

There's a lot of me, me, me amongst NFL RBs and WRs. Then there's Tashard Choice, here displaying a little Michael Irvin style leadership before Georgia Tech vs. Clemson:
I hurted last week bro - I couldn't come out there and fight wi ch'all boys. It absolutely killed me, bro. [...] I don't got nuthin else, man. I don't got nuthin else but ch'all boys. [...] This is it, bro. There's no turnin back from this point, bro. Somebody in here, man - I know y'all boys with me. I know y'all ride with me.
Would you go out and block and sweat and grunt and bruise and bleed for Tashard Choice? HAY-ULL YEAH! All day. With pleasure.

My everythang
or nuthin!
My everythang
or nuthin!
We gonna fight
till we cain't fight no more
we gonna lie down
bleed awhile
we gonna get up
fight agin
Tashard is not that big of a back. Yet, he throws his body into defenders to such extent that NFL Scouts worry he won't be able to stay healthy. Tashard fits in with OG Leonard Davis' classic rumination on Marion Barber:
He's got that mentality. He thinks he's bigger than he really is, but I guess he bulked up.

Video link: Georgia fan interviews Tashard about his second career as a Little League baseball umpire.

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